Activated Organic Bamboo Charcoal Bag- Odor Remover,...

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  • EASY TO USE: Just place the bag or bags (depending on the space) in your room / car / fridge / office / kitchen / drawer / cupboard / bathroom or any other enclosed space and leave them there to work their magic. The bags do not require any electricity or oversight and continue to work even when you are not around. Odours, smells, allergens, dust and other pollutants are absorbed through the porous bag right into the bamboo charcoal and locked there away from your nose!
  • MOISTURE ABSORBER: This Quality Bamboo Charcoal not only removes but also blocks excess moisture; which is the root cause of bad smell. Odor-causing microbes are destroyed and germs are disinfected when these mini bags absorb wetness. The air humidity in your environment and all the other smelly spaces is neutralized; thus maintaining your air, keeping it fresh and healthy
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Made from the Indian Bamboo plant. Completely and 100% Natural. These bags are odour free so no strong and harsh fragrances that incite headaches for some, Making it safe for Kids & Pets. Fragrance-Free. Chemical-Free. Non-Toxic. BPA-Free.
  • DEODORIZER, DRYER AND DISINFECTOR: Our Best Bamboo Charcoal bags are non toxic as well as all-natural and work great to eliminate impurities and stinky odor. The simplest and most convenient way to keep your life and homes odour free, dry, and fresh is by inserting these Compact Natural Air Purifying bags in it.
  • REUSABLE and PORTABLE: This smell eliminator are compact and can be taken any where you go. This Bamboo Charcoal Kit can be reused for up to 2 years. To restore, all you need to do is keep the bags out in direct sunlight every month only for 1 to 2 hours!

Made in India. ZERO GST.

Dust, allergens, bad smell are common entities in our current living spaces. Moreover, Odor-causing microbes grow on dark moist areas or closed/musty spaces if left unattended. They also thrive in bathrooms, boots, gloves, gym bags, sports equipment, luggage etc. This bacteria leads to an embarrassing stink once it begins to thrive. The best way to deal with it is insert these porous mini bags in your living spaces to eliminate bad odor and get rid of moisture. Bamboo charcoal eliminates toxins, odors, dehumidifies, absorbs harmful substances via the minute porous holes that it has. These bags do not contain chemicals.


1. Keeps Surroundings Fresh.

2. Absorber Odor.

3. Fights Bacteria.

4. Traps Harmful Substance and Excess Moisture.

5. Can also be used in gym bags, purse, dress shoes, drawers, lockers, and other spaces.

Reusable: These bamboo charcoal bags can be reused by keeping them under direct sunlight. This all-natural, non-toxic bamboo charcoal bag will work as a great deodorizer and disinfector, maintaining your fresh and clean areas be it in your kitchen, bedroom or office. Bid adieu to smelly rooms or cupboards and stay confident about your use of 100% Natural products with NO CHEMICALS added.


NOTE: Leave the bags in the room/space for minimum of 12 to 16 hours for best results.


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3 reviews for Activated Organic Bamboo Charcoal Bag- Odor Remover,...

  1. afeez.apee

    Organic one , no chemicals are used in is , fantastic one, really loved it , recommended for every one.

  2. sarveshbari70

    The very Best Thing Is it’s organic chemical free. It really Purifies the air and fresher the air very effective and good product

  3. sangeesathyanarayanan

    Organic!which means no chemicals❎
    Happiness-yes ✔️.

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