MEDI SUPER DRY Premium Adult Unisex Pull Ups


Medi Super Dry Diapers are very often used by old age bedridden patients, senior citizens, handicapped, sick, and people who cannot sleep due to excessive urination. Adults who cannot/ are not comfortable to attend nature’s call while travelling also frequently use these diapers.

The pant style pull ups (convenient to pull up and down) have soft inner padding that provides maximum comfort, is hygienic and leaves you protected for longer periods. The waistband is stretchable like any regular body fit underwear offering a snug fit and the tear away sides of these pull ups ensure effortless removal. Our leakage resistant and highly absorbent diapers easily contain excreta while making sure that the skin remains dry. After pregnancy or operation, many patients pick this kind of diapers. Also, it is an ideal choice for people with fractured leg/knee, burns, leg injury or unconscious patients. Can be worn by adult males as well as females.

These quality assured disposable diapers offer high security for adults suffering from incontinence. Gain your confidence back, experience the joy of being free.
(1 Pack of 10 pcs)


*Method of Wearing*
Colored side on the waistband highlight the front of the pants. Please put the colored rubber in the front.

*Method of Taking-Off*
After excretion, tear off the seams on both sides to take it off.

*Method of Dispose*
Roll diaper from bottom side to the waist side. Please do not flush.
Store in a cool place. Stop using while allergic. Dressing too loose or too tight will lead to side leak.

Medium: 28 in X 44 in
Large: 34 in X 54 in
X-Large: 38 in X 64 in

  • Pant Style
  • 1 Pack of 10 PCS
  • Unisex Leak Guard, Highly Absorbent Quality Assured Disposable Diapers.
  • Swiftly Locks Fluids Away. Eliminates Odour. Protects from Incontinence.
  • Pant Style Pull ups that are Light in Weight and have a Soft Inner Padding offering Close, Secure and a Cosy Fit.
  • Netted Channel inside for Faster Liquid Distribution and Absorption. Prevents Side Leakage.
  • Breathable Comfortable Stretchable body-fit underwear style.
Weight710 g

Medium, Large, Extra Large