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  • Each human foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands and in the course of a day can produce as much as a pint of sweat, so it’s not surprising that shoes often smell. Indeed, it’s not so much the sweat that makes shoes smell but the bacteria that thrive in the moist, warm environment sweat creates. Cleaning shoes has traditionally been done on the outside but that of course doesn’t get rid of the smell or the problem.
  • STERYDRY is first a sterilizer who can produce sufficient, stable, controllable and adjustable ozone to sterilize foot, socks and gloves etc., to remove odors by killing efficiently various fungus including those of causing dermatophytosis. STERYDRY is also a powerful dryer who can produce a heat of 80°C. It becomes easy to dry a wet pair of shoes even in very cold climate.
  • The Entire Intelligent Operation – The infared shoe sterilizer will work automatically when you put shoes on it will and off-working when taking off shoes from it, there is no need wasting time to take after foot any more.
  • Ozone Deodorizing & Sterilizing – Shoe sterilizer releases ozone to deodorize & sterilize shoes with wet and unpleasant smell after long time sporting, walking, you can enjoying the pleasure from comfortable shoes and socks, free from the embarrassment by smelly boots after walking.
  • Automatic & Constant Temperature Controller- Shoe dryer deodorizer will work with constant temperature and set time to guarantee the safety of user, skiing boots and itself.

STERYDRY will refresh and dry shoes in two steps. Sterilization. Bacterial and fungi, which can cause nasty odours, are killed. Drying. The shoes are dried with the temperature from 40 degree to 70 degree.
Quality Tested with Sterilization Rate above 90%
Product Features: 1.Eliminating odors and bacteria via integrated ionizer
2.Digital 60 minutes timer
3.Working temperature setting: 45C – 75C
4.Automatic infrared sensing switch
5.Heating and drying at a constant temperature
6.Dry footwear and accessories quickly with 4 sides air vents
7.Easy to operate with LED display
8.Extreme low noise
Product Benefits:
1.Deodorizing and sterilizing by means of negative oxygen ion
2.Automatic infrared sensing switch,Digital electronic adjustment of time and temperature
3.PBT assembly heating and drying at a constant temperature
4.Man-machine interface with LED display
5.Extra low noise and constantly circulating air conduit
6.quick drying, time saving and comfortable fitting



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For Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Skates, Summer, Monsoon, Winter Use.

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