Essence of Clarastar and getting to know us




When you visited our site, what was on your mind? Where you here with some great expectations? Or did you underestimate us? Whatever the case may be, we shall never know but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to allow you, our customers to get to know us on our grounds and not get side tracked by secondary opinions or gospel.  

First of all, we, “Clarastar” are an e-commerce online facility. A niche and oddball of a e-commerce facility to be exact. Officially speaking though, Clarastar is an offbeat e-commercial website which deals with niche markets along with general merchandising. Our proceedings consist of a comprehensive approach to customer demand management and this includes Sourcing, Trading, Wholesale, Import, Export, Retail, Logistics, Supply Chain and much more. 

Our business was founded in the year of 2016 by two Indian women entrepreneurs, Farida Gadhia and Sabina Bhayani. Now, we know what you might be thinking, that sounds quite normal, doesn’t it? However, the fact alone that Clarastar deals with both niche as well as general merchandising truly sets it apart from the rest of the thousands and thousands of e-commercial websites active today in India. The range of our products vary from the smallest tidbits to everyday use items. And the variety of the items are quite figuratively as different as Chalk and Cheese! 

We are one of the first Indian e-commerce organizations to launch this kind of a specific variety of products and we are quite proud of that fact. More amazing products are expecteto arrive soon at your disposal. We make extra sure that the quality of our products is never called into question. Our products are ‘created with life in mind’, and by ‘life’ we mean the entire world’s life. A lot of effort and sweat goes into the manufacture and procurement of our products, first of all we have to research the markets for/of our products, mutual cost benefit in the trading of products is analyzed and we also check whether the personal and company focus align with each other favorably or not. Although relatively still taking its baby steps into the online business world, Clarastar has already cleared milestones upon milestones. 

Many of our clients may not know this but the word “Clarastar” itself has a special meaning. The name “Clara” is derived from the late latin name ‘Clarus’, which meant ‘clear, bright and famous. Together with ‘Star’, the word Clarastar” means a bright star shining in the sky clear for all to see and famed for its otherworldly beauty; just how our organization aims to become. Okay, maybe not known for our ‘otherworldly beauty’ but the rest of the same. Also, did you know that the name “Clara” also stands for a person with an amazing sense of humor? Since, that name is usually used for women, the fact that our business was founded by two women is just a happy coincidence. 


While we are at it, why not explain some of the eccentricities or the complex stuff we spoke of earlier here. For example, the word ‘Niche’ what does it mean exactly? Well, Niche markets are those markets where a specific type of products are sold. For example, Clarastar is a niche marketing website which sells items not found on your usual walk to the Bazaar. Things like Anti-radiation tools, Ghost Detectors, Ultrasonic Dog Trainers, Sweat Proof Vests, Eco Detergents, Silver and Copper infused apparel, Prayer Mats, Pets and their grooming items are products which can be found on our site. However, since we deal with general merchandising as well; fragrances, perfumes, men’s apparel, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) like Organic Ayurvedic Soaps, shampoos and hair oil. Items for Home and Living as well as Health and Personal Care can be found too. The concept of niche marketing refers to the systematic efforts of any product or service manufacturer to occupy a specific place in the minds of the customer, through some big value additionAnother complex word comes to mind, “Customer Demand Management”; well, whadoes this one mean now? Basically, demand management is a planning methodology used to forecast, plan for and manage the demand for products and services. There are a set of defined processes, capabilities and recommended behaviors for markets dealing with customer demand management. For example, we at Clarastar manufacture or procure products in response to customer demands, feedback from these results of the demand plans is fed back into the planning process to improve the predictability of our outcomes. 

In an article written and later updated online by Richa Maheshwari in Economic Times on February 26, 2016; it was said that Industry watchers believe that unlike China that is dominated by a handful of etail giants, India’s online shopping market will grow in a ‘more democratic’ manner, like it has in Europe. The other vertical players like Clarastar are slowly but surely rising to the top and changing the dynamics of the e-commerce industry in India. We have started nibbling at the national gross market shares and that’s a hopeful sign. This goes in accordance with our goal as a company and part of the e-commerce industry, to grow exponentially from a local body to a worldwide agglomerate niche commercial facility not excluding the general markets and to fulfill national and international requirements of this industry, our customers and the environment and to expand our cover base to a global scale. We don’t ‘believe’ anything’s possible, we ‘know’ already that that’s the case because; they say that sky’s the limit, we say its our point of view. Hoping you find here what you are looking for because we aim to find the unconventionality in you. 


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