Clarastar Bakhoor Bukhoor Loban Lobaan Incense Fragrance...


  • Use to make your home or office a center of peace and calm
  • Remove bad odours from a room or freshen a room with fragrant aromas
  • Use for Festive occassions, Home or Office.
  • Made in India.
  • 40+ gms per pack.
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Bukhoor or Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to scented tablets made of natural ingredients soaked in fragrant oils like oudh, amber, musk, sandalwood , rose and other essential oils. These scented tablets/chips/shavings are burned on charcoal or incense burners to perfume the house and clothing.

The main purpose of bukhoor is to add aroma to the room. You can use it on various occasions like wedding or creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. It can also be used to welcome guests on special occasions. A lot of people use bukhoor to boost positive energy and dismiss bad spirits. Other common uses are after a meal cooking or cigarettes smoke to quickly discard the bad smells and perfume the place.

Commercial shops and stores also use bukhoors to attract customers and to enhance their buying experience. Since bukhoor is not a self-lit substance as incense sticks, you will need an electrical Incense burner or a non-electric incense burner with coal to burn bukhoor. This product in display is Bakhoor in the form of small balls which can be individually put onto the incense burners. Whether you wish to clear a room or simply for cleansing your aura. It is said that loban helps bring inspiration and creativity. This product can help attract love, provide psychic protection, wisdom, aids the memory, and helps ease depression.

Weight60 g

Sandal, Rose, Soft Touch, Mariyam


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