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The Unique Combination Of Vitamins That Work Together to Ensure Your Well-being

With so many vitamin D supplements on the market – it can be overwhelming when deciding which one to choose. Dr. Mercola Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 was formulated specifically to address and correct the issues that arose from other supplements. By only using pure, natural ingredients without unnecessary filler – you can get the most possible benefits with only one pill per day.

With Vitamin D3 it’s not the amount of grams per serving that matters. It’s how much your body can absorb. And that’s where Vitamin K2 comes in. Vitamin D3 needs vitamin K2 in order to function optimally within the body. The addition of K2 allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of Vitamin D, which impacts almost every system in the human body.

Vitamin D deficiency is something many of us suffer from without even knowing. A lack of sunlight, especially in winter months leads to low levels of this vital nutrient – which can lead to wide reaching health issues.

Vitamin D3 supports the following functions:

  • Heart health*
  • Pancreatic health*
  • Strong and healthy bones*
  • Immune system*
  • Positive mood and well-being*

The combination of vitamins D3 and K2 also helps prevent calcium build up in your arteries, which in turn protects your cardiovascular health.*


Uses Superior Forms of Vitamin D3 and K2 for the Maximum Health Benefits

Research and studies have demonstrated that taking Vitamin D3 and K2 together has a far superior benefit to taking them individually. That’s why Dr. Mercola developed this unique formula using only the best forms of both vitamins.
The formula uses vitamin D3, the safest form of the vitamin, and the one that comes directly from sunlight.

For the Vitamin K2, Mercola uses MK7 in the form of MenaQ7 – the only patented and clinically supported form of vitamin K2 on the market today. Unlike other formulas that use synthetic versions of K2, this all natural source of the vitamin is produced from chickpeas for the highest bioavailability.

Designed from only the purest, premium ingredients. The vegetarian friendly capsules are also soy free, non-GMO and free from unnecessary filler ingredients like Magnesium Stearate to alleviate any potential allergen concerns

With 5000mg of Vitamin D3 and 180mcg of Vitamin K2 per serving – you only need one capsule per day to receive the optimum benefits. The small capsules are designed to be easy to swallow

At this point, you can see why Dr. Mercola formulated this unique combination of Vitamin D and K2 to maximize benefits to your health. If you want to maintain healthy levels of Vitamins D3 and K2 – order a 30-day supply for yourself.

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